You Can Tell A Man By His Bookmarks

Last weekend I worked on moving everything over from my old PC to my shiny new Mac. One of the things I was extremely happy I’d backed up recently was my collection of bookmarks. (Thank you, Firefox!)

As I was restoring and organizing them in Safari (Sorry, Firefox!), it hit me that a person’s bookmarks folder tells a lot about them. Then it hit me that this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing stinks of yet another attempt to convince us Tom is straight. Then bookmarks again.

So, without explanation here’s a list of some of most used non-cartoon bookmarks:


Katie’s Kisses

Satellite News

The Virtual Weber Bullet

Superhero Hype

Chicago Public Radio



Anchor Knot

Well, there you go – infer what you will.

I’d be interested to see what these say about me if any of you are so inclined!