Best Batman Ever!

And I really like the original Burton film. Heck, I even like the 1963 Adam West movie with the noble porpoise. But this one’s got ‘em all beat.

I’m no Batman afficiando, but Batman Begins seems to have recaptured what’s great (and disturbing) about Batman without seeming so comic-booky.

I’m so glad at least some of Hollywood has discovered that special effects and costumes do not a superhero movie make. Good writing, good directing, good actors – all these can and do help comic book flicks immensely.

There’s some nice nods to the comic, but never anything that feels like “this is for the comic fans!” There’s also some clever outside references that the director is smart enough to not beat you over the head with.

One thing that did bother me was a certain constant perkiness on Katie Holmes. Come on people; she can’t always be freezing cold in the chestal area. You’d think Gotham was located in Alaska for crying out loud! (Maybe this was an homage to Batman Forever?)

Anyway, go see it. Go see it now!