Thanks, Mike!

I just want to take the opportunity to thank cartoonist/friend/raconteur, Mike Lynch, for his terrific blogs this week!

I’d suspected he had some great stuff in the wings, but, frankly, even I didn’t know how fascinating some of the stuff he would unleash would be!

My favorites entries would have to be “Death Draws the Line,” because I just love that sort of campy old stuff, “The Explaining Hand,” for shedding light on something that we all do, but almost never think about (until now, dammit!) and his “Sin City” post because we get a picture of Rosario Dawson in bondage lingerie without me having to defend/explain it to my wife. 🙂

Thanks too to everyone who stopped by and was kind enough to leave some comments. I think Mike felt very ‘at home’ in our little corner of the blogosphere.

Please stop by his website and check out his cartoons. Just amazing stuff.

I look forward to getting back to blogging next week, but the vacation has been good. As I told Mike earlier this week, I can actually feel my brain recharging.

I’ve got some vacation pics, some scintillating Sin City speak (how’s that for alliteration?!), and plenty more good old cartoon talk. Here’s one more thanks to Mike, and I’ll see you all on Monday.