Sin City – Review

It was a gray day. The theater was mostly empty except for a few desperate loners like me anxiously looking for our noir fix. And after twenty minutes of whoring itself out, the screen got down to business.

starts like a zebra with a sunburn; black and white and gloriously red all over. The opening scene that sold Miller calls to me, begging me to love it. I caress it with my eyes as I settle in with my soda.

For the next 126 minutes Sin City spills its guts. The story’s got more twists and turns than a pretzel having a bad night’s sleep, and I love it.

Cops with good hearts and bad tickers, leggy dames that’d just as soon kill you as love you, and a yellow bastard with more than one weapon in his stinking dirty trousers. The whole enchilada in beautiful black and white.

If I could kiss a movie I would have planted a hard wet one right on Sin City, but when it was done I just walked out into a hard rain, alone. Like I said, it was a gray day.

5 thoughts on “Sin City – Review”

  1. What movie were you watching? Sin City was utterly pathetic! After the first 10 minutes you have seen all of their tricks. The dialogue, the plot, everything was just a thinly veiled exploitation that was shallow and predictable.

    About the only thing that made me wake up from time to time were the "leggy dames".

    Who's paying you off anyway?

  2. Don't mind that other guy, he lifted his comments from Not every movie has to be Gone with the Wind and I wish people would just accept that.

    It was entertaining, it had lots of violence and dialogue with that great dry humor I enjoy. It kept my interest just fine, it was a cool little movie. Not enough substance for you? What did you expect from a movie based on a comic book like this? Anything else and it wouldn't have been Sin City.

  3. I thought it was great. It stalled a little in the final sector but that a small trip and reduced something that was excellent down to very good.

    The action was well made and the tone was suited to the material its hard to imagine anyother way the movie could be made and shudder to think of it made by anyone else.

    Violent yes, exploitation yes, rivetting, funny and downright awsome entertatinment HELL YEAH!

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