Sorting Cartoon Results

Another new feature of the new, is the ability for the user to sort their search results by recency, views, or user ratings.

You can see it on any search results page in the upper left:

Sorted Cartoons 1 Andertoons New-2

When sorting by most recent, you'll see the cartoons added to the site most recently first:

Sorted Cartoons 2 Andertoons New

When sorting by most viewed, you'll see the cartoons users have clicked on most first:

Sorted Cartoons 3 Andertoons New

And, when sorting by highest rating, you'll see cartoons users voted the best first:

Sorted Cartoons 4 Andertoons New

It's a small addition, but I think it will encourage browsing, and show you some cartoons that might have been buried deeper in the old website.


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