Food Cartoons

I love this time of year. We just got done stocking up on candy, Christmas shopping is ramping up, but I think my favorite is right around the corner – turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!! Woo!

Yep, here comes Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means food. So, to whet your appetite, here’s a feast of food cartoons:

This kid needs help, and fast!! Foods touching?! Good heavens!!

Seriously though, what is that when you’re a kid? I remember vividly some mashed potatoes co-mingling with some errant mushy canned peas and to this day it still haunts me.

I had no idea when I moved to Chicago that people could feel so strongly about ketchup, or more specifically the lack thereof, on a hot dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has caused some marital spats, so I decided to take it even a little bit further for this food cartoon.

Drawing the condiments was so much fun on this one.

Bananas are for whatever reason a real bear to draw. There’s something about the shape that if you don’t get just right ends up looking like a bratwurst. They’re slightly curved, but some parts are straight-ish, and then there’s the tip thingy. Don’t believe me? Try drawing one right now.

As far as the gag goes, I don’t remember exactly when the fact the bananas are good for potassium entered my consciousness, but this is an even better benefit than I’d originally thought.

Theres a lot of really bad shark/chum cartoons out there (trust me), mostly involving friendship puns, so with this cartoon I challenged myself to come up with something different and, hopefully, actually funny. The above cartoon is the result. I think I got it.

And I got to draw a shark in pearls! WOO!

Anyway, feel free to chow down on all of my food cartoons, and don’t forget to leave a few lumps in the mashed potatoes. Trust me.