LEGO Dala Horses

Some of my heritage is Swedish, and I’ve always loved the simple beauty of the traditional Swedish Dala Horse.

Dala horse
One of my Dala horses

Originating from the province of Dalarna, the painted wooden horses were originally carved as toys for children, but gained wide popularity as souvenirs of Sweden at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. They continue to be collected and displayed proudly in homes today.

Recently I decided to see if I could come up with a simple and elegant LEGO representation of the Dala Horse:

Tan LEGO Dala Horse
Tan LEGO Dala Horse
Blue LEGO Dala Horse
Blue LEGO Dala Horse


Red LEGO Dala Horse
Red LEGO Dala Horse
LEGO Dala Horses
LEGO Dala Horses

And once I started building them I started looking for fun ways to decorate them. Soon I began making other variations and I was amazed at how much could be conveyed in the Dala horse form.

So, here’s my first batch of pop culture LEGO Dala horses! Enjoy!

LEGO Captain America Dala Horse
Captain America
LEGO AT-AT Walker Dala Horse
AT-AT Walker

LEGO Trojan Horse Dala Horse 1

LEGO Trojan Horse Dala Horse 2
Trojan Horse
LEGO Superman Dala Horse

LEGO Saturn V Dala Horse 1

LEGO Saturn V Dala Horse 2
Saturn V
LEGO Batman Dala Horse
LEGO Godzilla Dala Horse
LEGO Classic Space Dala Horse
LEGO Classic Space

LEGO Reindeer Dala Horse 1

LEGO Reindeer Dala Horse 2

I’ve got ideas for dozens of other LEGO Dala horses, so stay tuned!