The Andertoons ChaCha

Ran across ChaCha again over at TechCrunch, and finally gave it a try. Here’s a transcript of my human guided search:

Status: Connecting …

Status: Looking for a guide …

Ring: …

Status: Connected to guide: joshua(79876)

joshua(79876): Welcome to ChaCha!

You: Hey there

You: I need some good business cartoons

joshua(79876): Welcome to ChaCha! Please wait a moment while I search for your results.

You: k

joshua(79876): Please be more specific as to what you’re looking for on this topic.

You: I just need some funny business cartoons for a presentation

You: Where could I purchase some?

joshua(79876): does it matter of what business the cartoons are about

You: Nope

You: Generic business

You: Sales and stuff

Then results started appearing in the right column:


I waited until four results showed up. to continue:

You: Cool, that Andertoons looks good

You: Thanks!

joshua(79876): no probuno momento por favor

joshua(79876): lno problem

joshua(79876): anything else i can help with today

You: Nope

joshua(79876): k have a nice day and thanks for choosing chacha

joshua(79876): Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended.

I rated the guide as “GREAT” even though the results I got were under the heading “Health > Conditions and Diseases”

ChaCha is interesting, but dreadfully slow in a “I’ll just Google that real quick” world.

Anyway, kinda weird, but nice being #1.

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