It’s Fun To Be A Batman

It's Fun To Be A Batman

It’s only a few more days until The Dark Knight Rises, and I’m really looking forward to one more dose of the gritty realism that Nolan and company have fostered throughout the trilogy.

That being said, I’m also a fan of the kooky campy 60’s TV Batman, so, in the spirit of both approaches to the caped crusader, I’m especially pleased to share this dark, funny, and, well, just downright odd book, It’s Fun To Be A Batman! (Click the cover above to download the PDF.)

It’s really sort of hard to explain. Apparently someone took existing photos, painted Batman costumes on people in the photos, and then added funny captions below.

Here’s just a taste to whet your appetite:

It's Fun To Be A Batman 1

Batman playing sexy football with a peasant girl? HIKE!

It's Fun To Be A Batman 2

Batman at the therapist (who’s apparently got a thing for Robin)? PSYCH!

It's Fun To Be A Batman 3

LBJ, some onlookers, and Batman with a pig? PORK!

Oh, there’s more. Lots more.

You really owe it to yourself to check out It’s Fun To Be A Batman. Enjoy!

College Admission Cartoons

college admission book

It’s been a good while since I was looking at colleges (and it’s another 10 years or so before I have to worry about the kids’), but I’d have loved to have had College Admission by Robin Mamlet & Christine VanDeVelde to help me.

It’s chock full of really good advice, it’s fun to read, and did I mention the cartoons?

college admissions cartoon2

college admissions cartoon1

Yep, eight cartoons from yours truly are peppered throughout.

So go grab a copy and enjoy!

Above artwork reprinted from the book College Admission by Robin Mamlet and Christine VanDeVelde. Copyright © 2011 by Robin Mamlet and Christine VanDeVelde. Published by Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House, Inc.


cartoon writing wording

I love words.

And it’s a good thing since writing is really the crux of the whole cartoonist thing. You can be the greatest artist in the world, but if your writing stinks, believe you me, nobody is going to be buying.

One of my favorite tricks when I’m stumped is to hit the books. Actually, a few specific books. I’ve got a number of different reference volumes to kick start the writing process:

So if I’ve got a specific topic in mind, say for a custom cartoon, I’ll obviously start by looking for that specific word. Each book is organized a little differently, but they all make finding related content fairly easy.

If I’m just writing to write, however, I love to just leaf through and see what strikes my brain’s fancy. I try not to linger too long on any specific page, I just quickly skim and see if anything pops.

A favorite trick of mine is to look at phrases about and/or containing a word and seeing if there’s some way to combine them. It doesn’t always end up in a successful cartoon, but, if nothing else, you’re priming the cartoon writing pump.

Now remember, these books aren’t going to solve all of your problems. Nothing beats just sitting yourself down regularly, staring down a blank piece of paper and actively writing cartoons. (You’d be surprised how often I hear budding cartoonists complain about waiting for their muse to visit.) But used judiciously, they’re all great tools to have in your gag writing toolbox.

It looks like a few might already be out of print, but you should be able to pick them up cheaply on Ebay or Amazon.

Word up!