Day Gig Art

AllstarMy first job out of college was as a salesman for Allstar Fasteners, a manufacturer of screws in the Chicago burbs.

I was hanging up my trombone and starting to figure out cartooning and was also interested in the internet. I managed to convince the owners to invest in a website to increase sales.

The two owners are good guys and didn’t want to appear vane by posting a photo of themselves, but agreed some mention of them was appropriate at the end of the online “tour.” So they hired a caricaturist to come in and draw them.

The results were mediocre at best; the kind of drawing you’d get a the fair or something. So I redrew them was able to justify drawing on company time.

Thus began years of finding ways to cartoon at my day gig; sometimes for company projects, sometimes when no one was looking.

Anyway, here’s some early art that was probably my very first online:


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