Day Gig Art

AllstarMy first job out of college was as a salesman for Allstar Fasteners, a manufacturer of screws in the Chicago burbs.

I was hanging up my trombone and starting to figure out cartooning and was also interested in the internet. I managed to convince the owners to invest in a website to increase sales.

The two owners are good guys and didn’t want to appear vane by posting a photo of themselves, but agreed some mention of them was appropriate at the end of the online “tour.” So they hired a caricaturist to come in and draw them.

The results were mediocre at best; the kind of drawing you’d get a the fair or something. So I redrew them was able to justify drawing on company time.

Thus began years of finding ways to cartoon at my day gig; sometimes for company projects, sometimes when no one was looking.

Anyway, here’s some early art that was probably my very first online:


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4 thoughts on “Day Gig Art”

  1. I like it and find it stylistically interesting. It does take guts to post some old piece of art that you may feel does not show you (as you are now) at the height of your cartoony powers.

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