20 Education Cartoons For Back To School

Kids and teachers all across the country are getting ready for a new school year. (WOO!) So I thought I’d help get everyone in the mood with some education cartoons!


Education Cartoon 6431

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife is a teacher, and believe me, this cartoon is fairly accurate.

Education Cartoon 6451

I don’t know if it’s the case anymore, but when my kids were born it seemed like every boy was named Logan. I knew Wolverine was popular, but sheesh!

Education Cartoon 6457

You just know that kid is going to grow up and crash the entire financial system one day.

Education Cartoon 6463

This education cartoon was really really popular about a year ago. Is Pinterest still a huge deal?

Education Cartoon 6470

I’m really happy with how this cartoon sort of steps down from positive to OK to uh-oh in only 8 words.

Education Cartoon 6481

My wife uses that phrase a lot. For example, “I like how (insert name here) is paying attention.” It works like gangbusters usually, and I had fun playing with it a bit.

Education Cartoon 6490

Ignorance is bliss, especially with math.

Education Cartoon 6494

“Reluctant reader” is another phrase I hear my wife say, and it was fun to see f I could make a cartoon out of it. Also, those books in the background were fun to draw.

Education Cartoon 6510

For a while it seemed like infographics were everywhere, but they’re either dying down or I’ve seen so many I’m ignoring them now. I suspect the latter.

Education Cartoon 6528

This education cartoon came out around Valentine’s Day, and it’s one of those where you wonder what the back story is. At least I do.

Education Cartoon 6536

I disagree.

Education Cartoon 6548

I was sure someone had done this cartoon, but I searched online and never found it. Still, someone’s had to have done this already, right?

Education Cartoon 6553

I’d like to read that sentence.

Education Cartoon 6554

Most of my education cartoons are based in elementary schools, but I do try to do more high school themed cartoon occasionally. 

Education Cartoon 6562

PLC is the acronym for Professional Learning Community. According to Wikipedia they are:

…an extended learning opportunity to foster collaborative learning among colleagues within a particular work environment or field. It is often used in schools as a way to organize teachers into working groups.

My wife really likes it, and it was a fun challenge to do a PLC cartoon, but if you don’t know what that is, then this probably isn’t that funny.

Education Cartoon 6586

I tried to make the two handwritings different in this, but even my left-handed penmanship isn’t too bad. Sigh…

Education Cartoon 6603

This field trip cartoon was so much fun to draw, and I got to work in comic books to boot! WOO!

Education Cartoon 6652

Place value is one of those terms I think you forget about later in life. Unless you marry a teacher that is.

Education Cartoon 6690

I try to vary my education cartoon cast to include nurses, counselors, and, in this case, a librarian.

OK, last one…

Education Cartoon 6432

So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed these education cartoons, and hope you have a great school year!