Halloween Cartoon – Collection

Looking for a good Halloween cartoon? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s a few of my most recent cartoons to get you in the mood!

Halloween Cartoon 1

I probably spent more time on this Halloween cartoon than I should have, but the scene was so much fun to draw! The Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula playing cards and reminiscing? You can’t rush that!

I’m particularly proud of the Wolfman’s flannel shirt and claws on his fingers. And that perturbed Dracula makes me laugh every time I look at it. He’s never going to live that down.

Halloween Cartoon 2

This cartoon actually went through a number of different captions right up to the end:

  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt an hold house. Try one of these new McMansions!”
  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt an old spooky house. Try one of those new condos they just put up!”
  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt a house. Try haunting a supply closet!”

In the end “accounting firm” just felt right, and it seems to fit the ghost’s clothing.

I spent a fair amount of time in Photoshop on this one too. Totally worth it!

Halloween Cartoon 10

If I’m an employer I’m A) impressed with his honesty, B) a little scared, C) think he’s probably trying to pull one over on me.

Halloween Cartoon 11

I love cartoons about the little everyday moments like this.

Halloween Cartoon 3

I must have told this Halloween cartoon to my wife a good dozen times after I came up with it, and I laughed like a giddy schoolgirl each time.

Halloween Cartoon 4

A take off on the old “tell me about your mother” chestnut, but Frankenstein didn’t necessarily have a mother, right? Or maybe multiple mothers since he’s made out of…  OK, I’ve officially overthought this Halloween cartoon.

Halloween Cartoon 5

I always hated this question in interviews. I’m betting he tries answering awkwardly for a few sentences then leans in and bites her on the neck. Serves her right too!

Halloween Cartoon 6

Maybe the best zombie I’ve ever drawn. OK, not maybe, the best. Just saying.

Halloween Cartoon 7

I don’t know why I’m so into vampires and business but for some reason it works. These people are all getting bitten too.

Halloween Cartoon 8

What interests me here is the time involved. If these pumpkins started their business while they were still on the vine it’s an impressive achievement. But then why and how would successful sentient pumpkins allow themselves to be carved? No wonder they’re doing so badly all of a sudden!

Halloween Cartoon 9

This cartoon was mostly an excuse to draw the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Feel free to check out my entire Halloween cartoon inventory. And happy trick-or-treating everyone!

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