Thanksgiving Cartoons

I love Thanksgiving! It’s the purest of the big three holidays. I mean, unless you’re in the turkey, pumpkin, or cranberry sauce business, there’s not a lot to commercialize. Just food, family, and fun. Not bad, huh?

This being only a blog, I can’t help with the food or the family, but I can definitely help with the fun with this smallish smorgasbord of Thanksgiving cartoons. Dig in!

Sure, we all like a big Thanksgiving feast, but for a certain subset of fine-feathered friends it’s not so much fun. And I guess if I were a turkey right about now I’d be wondering what the cards held for me. Luckily for me I get then chance to explore that quite literally in the above cartoon.

Of course most turkeys aren’t going to fare well, but thankfully (see what I did there?) this turkey is getting some help with his impending doom.

I had to look up the stages for coping with death to make sure I got them right, and then included my own little addendum. Apologies to Kubler-Ross.

Ok, I admit it, I don’t know what an x-ray of a turkey looks like. I tried looking it up, but never could find anything. So I punted and just sort of drew a few ribs. Hopefully I haven’t offended any turkeys and/or x- ray technicians.

Tryptophan is one of those things that once a year everyone knows about. (It’s the stuff in turkey that apparently makes you sleepy.) But the rest of the year poor old tryptophan just lays there eating cheetos watching reality TV just waiting for Thanksgiving.

Sad really.

I love holidays that aren’t on a specific day. New Year’s Day is January 1. Boring! Valentines Day is February 14. Yawn!

Gimme those holidays that are like figuring out an equation any day! Fourth Thursday in November! That’s what I’m talking about!

This is probably my personal favorite of my own Thanksgiving cartoons. It has all my favorite cartoon elements: animal in an office, a caption that won’t work without the art and vice- versa, and impending though relatively unspecific death.

Well that does it. Hope you enjoyed ’em, and feel free to check out all of my Thanksgiving cartoons!

Food Cartoons

I love this time of year. We just got done stocking up on candy, Christmas shopping is ramping up, but I think my favorite is right around the corner – turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!! Woo!

Yep, here comes Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means food. So, to whet your appetite, here’s a feast of food cartoons:

This kid needs help, and fast!! Foods touching?! Good heavens!!

Seriously though, what is that when you’re a kid? I remember vividly some mashed potatoes co-mingling with some errant mushy canned peas and to this day it still haunts me.

I had no idea when I moved to Chicago that people could feel so strongly about ketchup, or more specifically the lack thereof, on a hot dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has caused some marital spats, so I decided to take it even a little bit further for this food cartoon.

Drawing the condiments was so much fun on this one.

Bananas are for whatever reason a real bear to draw. There’s something about the shape that if you don’t get just right ends up looking like a bratwurst. They’re slightly curved, but some parts are straight-ish, and then there’s the tip thingy. Don’t believe me? Try drawing one right now.

As far as the gag goes, I don’t remember exactly when the fact the bananas are good for potassium entered my consciousness, but this is an even better benefit than I’d originally thought.

Theres a lot of really bad shark/chum cartoons out there (trust me), mostly involving friendship puns, so with this cartoon I challenged myself to come up with something different and, hopefully, actually funny. The above cartoon is the result. I think I got it.

And I got to draw a shark in pearls! WOO!

Anyway, feel free to chow down on all of my food cartoons, and don’t forget to leave a few lumps in the mashed potatoes. Trust me.