Hear My Children’s Book!


Recently I’ve been reviving some old blog posts. I’ve got seven years worth and there’s some content in there that might be worth another look.

An obsession for a few months back in 2009 was writing my first children’s book. I sent it out to pretty much every kids’ book publisher in the US, but there were no takers (don’t feel bad, we cartoonists are used to rejection) so I posted it on the blog. The few people that saw it generally liked it (thanks, mom!) but that was that.

Anyway, I tweeted it today just to give it a little thrill and the response has been really fun! Lots of people have written to say how much they enjoy it, and Andertoons superfan Cindy Clifford has even recorded some of it! It’s incredible!  You have to go listen to it here!! I’ll wait.

Isn’t that awesome?! You go, Dot! WOO! And thank so much to everyone for the kind words today! What an unexpected outpouring!

Maybe I’ll dust the book off and give it another go…