2010 OSU Festival of Cartoon Art

osu festival 2010

So this weekend was the 10th OSU Festival of Cartoon Art and despite some small logistical issues it was a lot of fun.

Starting us off was Agnes‘ Tony Cochran explaining his path to a daily strip. (“How hard can it be?!”)

Next up was Slowpoke cartoonist Jen Sorensen who revealed her secret formula for viral cartoon success: Palin, Obama, and iPhones.

Sheldon‘s Dave Kellett spoke about webcomics’ counterintuitive business model. And I agree that the familiar “I don’t want to learn about business” refrain is a bulls#!t copout.

Paul Levitz showed off the new DC 75th Anniversary book (note to buyers – reinforce your shelves), and James Sturm discussed his process and the Center for Cartoon Studies. I unfortunately missed Dan Piraro’s talk.

The following day, editorial cartoonist Steve Breen assembled a Clinton caricature in office supplies, and explained the hazards of the Titanic metaphor.

Jan Eliot hosted a Stone Soup book club, and read some letters from readers who obviously have too much time on their hands.

Gene Yang explained some of his great book, American Born Chinese, and how the Monkey King loves to pee on everything and everyone.

Roz Chast brought the afternoon to a hilarious close showcasing her brilliant work.

And last, but certainly not least, Simpsons, Futurama and Life in Hell creator, Matt Groening, chatted the evening away with Tom Gamill and graciously avoided the onslaught of signature requests during Q&A.

Plus I got to hang out with inky pals Mike Lynch, Richard Thompson, Eddie Pittman, Benita Epstein, Stephanie Piro, Mike Cope, Stacy Curtis, Tom Stemmle, and scads of others. What a great time!

Now it’s back to the ol’ cartoony grind. Just three more years to wait for the next festival.