This is my 2000th post. Um… WOW!

Seriously, can you believe that?! Just about 6 years to the day and I hit #2000.

So looking back I started at Blogger (before my developer even knew what a blog was), moved to a Movable Type at the site, moved to Typepad offsite, and now I’m back onsite using WordPress.

Since the blog’s inception I’ve taken lots of different directions with it, but say what you will, it’s pretty much me.

See ya at #3000!

1963 Four In One Cartoon Fun – Comics to Color

Found this a good while back while perusing cartoon cards on Ebay. It’s a 1963 coloring book featuring Newspaper Enterprise Association comics from Saalfield Publishing.

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Morty Meekle, Tizzy, Priscilla’s Pop (or Priscilla for that matter), or Freckles or any of his friends:

Four in One Cartoon Fun - Comics to Color

Here’s a scan of one of the Tizzy cartoons:

That’s actually a really nice gag, but for a children’s coloring book?
Anyway, check out the entire book here. And maybe print one out to color?
If you do color one, send it over and I’ll post it! Enjoy!