Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for Wii


So every year about this time I tend to stock up on books and video games for the winter. It’s a good opportunity because you can usually find some ridiculous deals, and I’m not particular about stuff being a year or two old.

While the wife and kids are out shopping I took the time this morning to dig into Spider-Man: Web of Shadows on the ol’ Wii. It’s gotten some great reviews, and I have to say, they’re well earned.

I’ve been waiting for a more intuitive Spidey game, and this seems to be it. True, I’m only a few levels in, and I’m sure I’ll never master all the intricacies that a 12-year-old can submerge themselves in, but it’s sure fun beating up baddies and swinging around.

Christmas Cartoon Ideas

Snowy-Trees.jpgI’ve done this tiwce already this year for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I’m going to do it just once more for Christmas to A) give me something to look back on next year, B) to give you an idea of how I generate ideas, and C) to see if there’s anything I missed. So, here’s my list of ideas for generating Christmas gags:

  • Santa – elves, Mrs. Claus, North Pole, sleigh, St. Nick, reindeer, sack of toys, chimney, stockings, plate of cookies, sitting on lap, roof, naughty/nice list
  • candy canes, mistletoe, window decorations, wreathes, wrapping. gingerbread house
  • 12 days, Christmas Carol, Scrooge, Grinch, carols/caroling
  • snowmen – coal, carrots, melting, Frosty
  • snow – plows, snowblowers, snow globes, snowballs
  • ice – icicles, skating
  • trees – stars, bulbs, lights, ornaments, tinsel
  • up early, toys, shopping, sales

Did I miss anything?