Success in Comics DVD


OK, there’s plenty of sniping in the comments, but it’s nice seeing there’s so much interest in a DVD of the recent Success in Comics Seminar:

From Bill Kellogg via The Daily Cartoonist:

The primary reasons are; there were a couple speakers that asked us not to film them or at least not make it available if we did – which would leave some big holes. In addition, as it was put several times in the comments and e-mails directly to me, we feel it would be unfair to all of those who attended and paid the $350, paid for airfare, hotel, food, etc., and took vacation time to be there. We are going to do a “promo” video with clips & highlights that we will put up on the Tundra site at some point.

Seems fair to me.

Dunno if/when I might release my presentation online, but I’ll letcha know if/when I do.