Cartoon Navigation – The Big Easy

Andertoons is launching a cool new feature today to help visitors more easily browse cartoons without giving their browser’s back button a workout.

Now when you mouse over a thumbnail on a search results page, you’ll see a larger version of the cartoon appear:



Here’s a closer look :


There’s also info on the cartoon at the bottom.

As long as your mouse stays over a thumbnail, the larger cartoon image hangs around. Click on the thumbnail to purchase the cartoon or find out more about it.

The new feature also works on topic pages and in the suggested cartoons on each cartoons individual page:



It’s been testing well in most browsers, except for IE6. We’re looking into a workaround for that one, but it’s likely the feature won’t be supported if you continue insisting it’s 2001.


Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if you run into any bugs.