2009 Success in Comics Seminar


Just finishing up here at the first annual Success in Comics Seminar hosted by the good folks (and seriously, I’m not sure I’ve met nicer folks) at Tundra .

I’ve mostly been concentrating on making sure my presentation went well and listening to everyone else, so if you want a good in-depth look at each speaker, check out the Daily Cartoonist.

Everyone has been great so far (still two presentations to go as I write this), and so many nice folks were good enough to come, and the Tundra organization has been so, well, organized, that I think you can call this an unqualified success.

I know I’ve gotten tons of really really good ideas (none of which I will share here), and I’m just so energized now. I can’t wait to get back home and dig in.

Anyway, a huuuuuge thanks to Chad, Bill, Karen, Mark, Zack and a few other folks I know I’m forgetting for putting together a unique, fun, educational experience like I’ve not seen before. Assuming this happens again next year, you want to be here next time.

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  1. I saw Alan’s write-up about the event on Daily Cartoonist. It’s great that you were able to present. I think you have a lot of great advice to share!

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