I’m Still Here

The-Invisible-ManJust a heads up that despite the almost total lack of blogging the past two weeks, I’m still here.

It’s been a little crazy with work lately, and the regular babysitter flew the coop, so something had to give, and it was the blog.

Anyway, look forward to more Andertoons minutiae and LEGO talk next week.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. It's strange. It's hard to get my head around this. But I've actually missed your LEGO updates. Who knows what I've missed? For all I know, LEGO has achieved sentience, and even now is swarming my way in a multi-colored goo of basic building blocks, the macro-edition of nanotech. (though I am pretty certain that LEGO blocks will continue to shrink, and if you thought stepping barefoot on a stray block was bad, wait til you step on a stray nano LEGO that's small enough to pass through the skin and into the circulatory system, where it joins its fellows, assembles itself into something lethal, and paddles/jets for the brain.)

    Get a new babysitter, catch up with your deadlines, and return to your post as the canary in the LEGO mine

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