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Free cartoons have always been a big part of I want to make it easy and convenient for people to enjoy and share my daily cartoon, and, hopefully, come back and buy one for their newsletter or presentation.

What used to be one page at the old site, has been expanded to five. You can access them from the main menu:

Free Cartoons 1 Andertoons New-1

For those of you new to the site, what I'm offering is a free daily cartoon you can add to your blog, website or Facebook, as well as delivery via email or RSS feed:

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The cartoons update themselves daily, so there's nothing for you and/or your readers to do but enjoy.

I'll go into more detail on each option below, beginning with HTML.

Free HTML Cartoons:

My free daily cartoon HTML allows you to choose a favorite cartoon topic (ex: business, animal, etc…) and copy some code:

Free Cartoons Html Andertoons New

Paste the code into your blog sidebar or website, and you'll have a thumbnail that updates itself daily with a new cartoon:

Free Cartoons 3 Andertoons New

When you click the thumbnail, you'll get a small new window with the cartoon enlarged:

Free Cartoons 4 Andertoons New

Close the window when you're done and you're right back where you left off.

It's a great way to offer your readers a quick laugh without taking them away from your blog or website. All I ask is that you leave the code as-is.

Facebook Cartoon App:

My free Facebook cartoon app is just a click away:

Free Cartoons Facebook Andertoons New

Here's what it looks like installed:

Free Cartoons Facebook 2 Andertoons New

It's nice and simple, and there's none of that stuff that tries to get you to sign up all your friends. Enjoy!

Free Cartoons for TypePad:

My free TypePad cartoon is, like the Facebook app, just a click away:

Free Cartoons Typepad Andertoons New

Choose your favorite topic, click "Install," and TypePad takes care of the rest.

It works just like the HTML code (see above). You can see it live on my blog too.

Free Email Cartoons:

My free daily email cartoon is just that simple; every morning a new Andertoons cartoon in your inbox:

Free Cartoons Email Andertoons New

Just enter your email and hit submit. Here's what you'll get:

Free Cartoons Email 2 Andertoons New

Unsubscribing is easy too, and I'l never never EVER use your email for anything nefarious.

Free Cartoon RSS Feeds:

For those of you comfortable subscribing to blogs, my free cartoon RSS feeds will be second nature:

Free Cartoons Rss Andertoons New

Just click on the feed you want and you're good to go.

Here's what it looks like in my reader:

Free Cartoons Rss 2 Andertoons New

Whew! That's a lot of free cartoons!

I hope you use, share, and enjoy them!

BTW, here's a look at the old free cartoon page for nostalgia's sake:

Free Daily Cartoons For Your Website Or Blog - Andertoons (20081126)

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