7 Supervillians Who Should Rule the World

Topless Robot – The 7 Supervillians Who Should Rule the World.

It’s the cliché motivation for any bad guy: ruling the world. They’re
always trying to do it, and the good guys are always rising up and
fighting them–you know, for the whole truth and justice bit. But
should they?

Some villains are just crazy, of course, and part
of their goal is some sort of cruel dystopia. (Darkseid, I’m looking at
you, sir.) That’s not what we’re talking about here. But even the best
leaders in world history have often been more than a bit
self-aggrandizing, and some of the bad guys have run fairly good
civilizations.  (Granted, this is a little like saying Nixon was a
great president because he was good at Chinese foreign relations…but
stick with me.)

So who are the villains who could lead not just
a nation, but quite possibly a world–or more? Here are six
candidates–and for your safety, there will be no debates, because
hoo-boy, would that be asking for trouble.