Mike Lynch and The Hippo

Hippocover-1No, it’s not my upcoming children’s book, it’s a really really good interview with cartoony pal, Mike Lynch, in The Hippo!

Here’s the bit that I’m still pondering the most:

“There’s probably less than a thousand people in this country who are making their living by cartooning,” Lynch said.

“Everyone gets along and everyone tends to be interested in what the other person is doing,” he said. Lynch said he knows most of his competitors, and some of his best friends are the artists whose work is seen regularly in the New Yorker or Wall Street Journal.

I’d love to know some sort of census figure, but that sounds about right.

And he’s right, for the most part, even being competitors in a very small niche, pretty much everyone is happy for the other guy when they sell.

Anyhow, go read Mike’s interview! And while you’re at it, read the other NH cartoonists’ interviews too!

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3 thoughts on “Mike Lynch and The Hippo”

  1. Great Interview. 1000 cartoonist? I'd be curious to compare that figure to the number of working cartoonists 40 or 50 years ago.

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