They Like You! They Really Like You!

Congrats to my favorite business blogger, Anita Campbell, for being chosen as Internet Marketing Report‘s Marketer of the Week!

Julie Power also interviews Anita:

JP – What is the one thing that a small business MUST have online to succeed?

AC – Perseverance. Many small businesses give up too soon. It’s easy to go out of business when you hit a rough patch, because the alternative — facing down the challenges — is so ugly and unpleasant.

Perseverance is especially important online, because it takes months (being wildly optimistic) or years to draw significant traffic and build an online brand today. There’s so much more competition on the Web.

So you have to be in it for the long haul – have a long term plan and work your plan everyday, even if sometimes you question whether you are making progress.

It’s stuff like that that keeps Small Business Trends at the top of my feed reader.

(BTW, Julie, did you know you’re a superhero?)

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4 thoughts on “They Like You! They Really Like You!”

  1. Yes, I am a superhero, literally. Everytime I search for my name, I find the latest news about the the Marvel hero Julie Power. My superhero twin does some share some of my traits, which are only revealed to my devoted followers.

    Thanks for following up.

  2. Perseverance is right! Being a success is HARD. I hate people who say, Oh, it was EASY for him/her.

    That's so wrong. Read any biography of any successful person and you'll see failures and near misses before they begin to hit it big.

    Thanks for this, Mark.

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