Stay In The Lines. The Horrible HORRIBLE Lines.

Blog Fair01Cartoony pal Mike Lynch shows off a horrible horrible HORRIBLE coloring book he picked up this weekend over at his blog.

My favorite quote:

This book will inform your child about agricultural fairs and it will then break your child’s heart, if your child is (God help him/her) a budding cartoonist.

Easily the funniest sentence you will read today.

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Spot the Frog, One Last Time

Spot SundayLoyal readers know I’ve been a big fan of Spot the Frog by Mark Heath since it started.

It’s rare combination of philosophically sweet belly laughs and outstanding art made it one of the few strips worth reading.

Mark recently decided to end Spot, and the last Spot daily, like the entire Spot run, is just about perfect.

Go read it. (I’d post a snippet, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.)

So long Spot, and good luck, Mark.

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