Andertoons Facebook App

Andertoons is very proud to announce its very own Facebook app!

Yes, if you like Facebook, and you like Andertoons, well, it’s kind of like that old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups campaign…

Here’s what it looks like on a profile:

Andertoons Facebook 1-1

Want to add it to your profile?  Easy!  Just click "add" in the upper right!

Andertoons Facebook 1-1-1

Click "Share +" in the upper right hand to send a cartoon to a friend…

Andertoons Facebook 2

…or post it in your profile:

Andertoons Facebook 3

Also, if you want to see the cartoon at Andertoons (to buy for a presentation or newsletter maybe?), just click on it.  The Andertoons logo and bottom text will take you to the site’s home page.

You can get to the app’s Facebook page here.  Here’s what it looks like:

Andertoons Facebook 4

From here you can give feedback (and report bugs):

Andertoons Facebook 5

And share the app with friends:

Andertoons Facebook 6

And while, we’re at it, Andertoons has it’s very own Facebook page.  You can check it out and become a fan here!

Oh!  One more thing!  If you’re at Andertoons, and you see a cartoon you like, you can click on the Facebook icon to share it:

Andertoons Facebook 7 Copy

So there it it!  One of a few of the projects that’s pretty much kept me incommunicado as of late.

Hope you like it!

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3 thoughts on “Andertoons Facebook App”

  1. Another Andertoons marketing coup! I'm always eating your cyber dust!

    Much good luck with this! (Not that you need it, my friend!)

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