Something’s Fishy with the Andertoons Book

OK, so I’m working on the book and I’ve been putting the actual pages together.

I want all of the type to be the same size, so I’ve been removing the captions from the images and retyping them.

For the most part I did pretty good, but I did make one mistake:


Apparently I mistakenly used the caption from this cartoon, on this cartoon.

Still, one out of 100 isn’t too bad.

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3 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy with the Andertoons Book”

  1. Hee hee. This reminded me of the times that the captions were unintentionally switched between THE FAR SIDE and DENNIS THE MENACE. I can't remember the name of the newspaper, but it happened more than once. Gary Larson talked about this and showed some of them in his PREHISTORY OF THE FAR SIDE.

  2. BOOK? I musta missed your original post on this, and can't find it here…
    You're gonna have a book coming out? FANTASTIC!! I LOVE your toons! Could you post the link to the info or fill me in? I gots to add this one to my cartoon library :0)

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