Book Cover – Take 3

OK, there’s still some tweaking o do here, but I took a lot of advice and here’s what I’ve got now:


This is, of course, the entire wraparound cover. And it’s even got the new Andertoons logo on the spine!

I changed the font from Tahoma to my Andwritten font, and I have to agree with Mark, it looks better.

I’d also considered doing the cartoon larger, but I’m gonna stick with my strengths here and go with a simple panel cartoon.

Whatcha think?

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9 thoughts on “Book Cover – Take 3”

  1. Mark, I really like this design, and I think it's good to go. By the way, have you considered the possibility that people might think it's an animal cartoons book as there are animals in both the cartoons?

  2. Hey Srini! Thanks!

    You know, I did consider that, but I'm figuring this is going to be sold mostly online where folks won't be handling it so much. So I don't think the back cover will much matter to them.

    Also, I thought I maybe should stick with the dog/business thing on the back cover as well to go with the title, but I dunno…

    Anyway, I'm officially getting tired of thinking about this cover, so as long as no one points out anything glaringly wrong, I think I'm wrapping this up…

    Thanks again!

  3. Mark, I agree with you. I look forward to buying your book. When I have enough cartoons, I'm planning to put together a book and see how it goes. Good luck with your book.

  4. That's the big advantage if you're selling this mostly online. It won't need to compete with anything else. You can add as much copy, graphics, sound files, whatever you like, to sell the book.

    I might change the size (enlarge) the bottom copy a bit, but the cover looks good.

  5. Hey brother,

    I like it with the last font, Andwritten. When does your book get published?

  6. Looks like a winner! I like the 'burgundy' color too. Gives it a nice look!
    And as your sister said, when does it get published?

  7. I'm still waiting to put the whole thing together, but I'm hoping to have to all uploaded this weekend.

    No idea how long it'll take to be at Amazon after that, but I'll post that as soon as I know.

    Heee-hee-hee! I can't wait!

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