Roxo Beverages’ “How To Draw Cartoons”

I found this on Ebay some time ago, and, frankly, was a little daunted by scanning in 20 pages for a blog entry.

Enter my new self-feeding double-sided scanner, and voila!

No idea how old this is, but it’s a fun look.



BTW, here’s a little post on how I draw cartoons.

2 thoughts on “Roxo Beverages’ “How To Draw Cartoons””

  1. This is a really interesting find. I assume that this is the whole thing and there are no credits, indicia, copyright date? Googling around, I see that one antique seller is offer this booklet for $47.00 and saying it's from the 1950s, but it looks earlier to me.

    FWIW, the Roxo company is still around and it's in Israel. Here's a description from a "Business Opportunities in Israel" Web page. Here's a quote:

    Roxo Enterprises is a marketing company. The company offers several beverages: Billion $ Brands, Absinthe / Upsinth "Euphorizer", Mediterranean aPPeal, Water +, XO Energy drinks, Inko's White Tea and Guarana Golly (#1 Guarana drink in USA) + several world famous Italian liqueurs.

    The company is always looking to explore new markets. Therefore, Roxo Enterprises are currently seeking importers and distributors for joint ventures. All interested companies are welcome to contact Roxo Enterprises to discuss possible relations.

    For further information, please contact team Roxo or enter the company website

    The company Web site, sporting a fierce logo, is under construction.

    Mmm … #1 Guarana drink in USA! Maybe it's time for an Andertoons Guarana!!!

  2. I have an old Walter Foster animation book with most of that same 'how to' artwork. Unfortunately, couldn't find any indication as to the original artist. The style has the look from the 40's to very early 50's. Similar to the early Porky Pig cartoons.

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