OSU Festival of Cartoon Art 2007 – Day One Pics

Sorry that a lot of these are sorta crappy, but the room had kinda lousy lighting for pics. I tried the enhance thingy in iPhoto with varying degrees of success.

Img 5042

Img 5046

Brian Walker

Img 5047

Img 5052

Gotta love this ad for Terry and the Pirates!

Img 5053

Img 5054

The remembering Caniff panel.

Img 5057

A wall at the little Venezuelan place I had lunch.

I dunno if it’s ironic, or just plain weird, but Grimace, Snoopy, and what appears to be a Bart Simpson of color required a photo.

Img 5064

Img 5061

A few pics from Rall’s presentation

Img 5067

Jessica Abel

Img 5069

I dunno why, but this shot in the library reminds me of that last warehouse shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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