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Sorry, for the late post here, but getting caught up over the past two days has kept me busy. Throw in a washer giving up the sudsy ghost and… well…

Anyway, I thought a good way to finalize my thoughts on the 2007 OSU Festival of Cartoon Art would be to reply to the evaluation here at the blog. (I’ll also send it in of course.)

What did you enjoy about the festival?

I think the thing I liked most was just hanging with cartoonists en masse for a few days and recharging my cartoony batteries. I met so people I’d “met” online, but never in person, and it was particularly exciting for me that so many folks seemed to know who I was. Ego to power, inspiration to speed! (Cue MarkMan music!)

Were the presentations of interest to you? Why or why not?

To be honest, I did skip a few to get some time relaxing back up in my room, but I mostly attended everything, and it was generally all very good. I can think of a few speakers that didn’t exactly float my boat, but when you contrast that with some absolutely out of this world speakers, it more than balances out. I thought the topics were nicely varied, and there was even some tech for toony geeks like me!

What did you think about the exhibitions?

The stuff at the cartoon library was probably my favorite as it showed a lot of Caniff other than Terry and the Pirates (loved the letters!), but it’s hard to complain about big original Caniff over at the reception. All in all, very nice. And the library tour was great!

What did you think about the schedule? Did each speaker have enough time? Where the question and answer sessions long enough?

I thought the schedule was fine and I was very impressed by by how on-time everything was kept.

Who would you like to have as speakers at future events sponsored by the Cartoon Research Library?

I think a panel of independent cartoonists would be interesting. Be they gag, web, whatever, but cartoonists who don’t work for a syndicate, newspaper, etc… I wanna see people entirely self-sufficient.

Did you enjoy being at the Renaissance for the conference? Why or why not?

I enjoyed it immensely. The accomodations were great, and being able to skip a presentation here or there to relax and/or catch up on work in my work was fantastic!

Any suggestions or ideas?

Perhaps some tables in back with outlets for laptops jockeys like myself?

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