Why This Cartoon Doesn’t Work (I Think) #4

OK, time for a stinker:


This one’s fairly recent, but I still dunno what I was thinking.

The art:

Not bad really. The characters pretty much look like who they’re supposed to, although the Muppet across from the Count is hard to recognize. (It’s Elmo.)

Why I felt the need to add Cookie Monster in the next room I have no idea. It just confuses things more.

The joke:

The gag was intended to be that Sesame Street characters all use the Count for their accounting needs come April 15th because he’s good with counting.

*chirp chirp chirp*

Yeah. Real knee slapper, huh?


The sale:

Nope. No takers, and I can’t blame them.


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2 thoughts on “Why This Cartoon Doesn’t Work (I Think) #4”

  1. I really admire the likenesses you were able to get. The practicality of having The Count being an accountant is un-doable. Imagine getting together with him to sort out your income.

    "One! One dollar! Two! Two dollars! Three! Three dollars! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


    "Four! Four dollars. Five! Five dollars! Six! Six dollars! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


    "Seven! Etc, etc., etc…."

    I would be sharpening that Muppet brand wooden stake real quick, man!

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