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I just finished commenting on some other comments based on an earlier comment about another comments referencing the initial blog entry.


And I got thinking that one of the things I like about blogging is this nice little community of readers and commenters that’s emerged, and a lot of my good friends have been made here and/or on other boards/blogs. So I was thinking…

What would you all think about adding a community component to and/or the Andertoons Blog? And I’m not talking a run-of-the-mill bulletin board, but one where you can follow posts via RSS, post artwork, the whole shebang.

My worry is that it’d be a real time eater, and the inevitable spam problems don’t seem like a good time, but I like the idea in general.

So I guess what I’m asking is… If I build it, will anybody come?

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6 thoughts on “Cartmoonity”

  1. All this sounds interesting, but it all sounds like I'm gonna have a big ol' learning curve associated with it.

    Maybe if your wife would offer to send me some of those luscious desserts I see on your danged blog ….

    Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  2. I had a forum on my Gamecreature site, but I finally had to take it offline as the only people trying to get on it were spammers. I don't think there's enough people on my site to support a forum – your milage may vary.

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