11 thoughts on “Can’t Talk, Grilling…”

  1. Does this mean that your next batch of cartoons are going to be about gas grills, Lego's and ZERO HOUR??

    Any time you want to put some miles on that stainless steel beauty (I noticed the thing has some tiny wheels), drive it on over here and cook me some wurst! Mmm mmm!

  2. M – actually I'm going to use the old brainstorming route and use all three to make a single cartoon!

    F – I have people for that. Please!

    K – I'm suggesting we have our brick war on the grill surface! Moo-ha-ha!

  3. Hey it's your grill. Far be it from me to keep you from adding that delicious burnt plastic smell to everything you cook.

    Oh, and your grill, your legos. Fair's fair.

  4. Is it just me or does that thing look like it's alive? Like from some rejected Stephen King novel?

    Three words of advice: stainless steel cleaner.

  5. You have terrific taste in guy-style meal preparation equipment! We have one like that, too. (My wife likes it when I fire it up in the summer and displace the heat from her kitchen…)


    –Mark Hill

  6. Wow, that Grillery thing is heavy artillery. With all those "V-Channels", a wanabe Kobayashi could load it up with dozens of dogs.

    Did you notice the "permanent installation" option?

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