Things I Find Inherently Funny

  • Leprechauns
  • The word ‘binky’
  • Fake Scottish accents
  • Any 10 consecutive words from The Big Lebowski
  • Impending doom
  • Sales graphs (odd, I know, but the number of cartoons I’ve done about them bear me out)
  • Mimes
  • Anthropomorphic food
  • The phrase “tri-state killing spree”
  • Animated characters throwing up
  • Star Trek fights
  • The word “poo”

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8 thoughts on “Things I Find Inherently Funny”

  1. -anything said in an hindi accent
    -the number 3
    -an underbite
    -chicken neck
    -billy mays (BAMtastic)

  2. Always funny:

    – Fake French accents (and that fake French/Charles Nelson Reilly laugh that Mark does)

    – Saying "Sam Handwich" instead of ham sandwich

    – Using a stick to slowly poke a fat guy

    – Lemurs

    – Eugene Pallette

    – Finger quotes

    – And, agreeing with Mark, the word "binky" is always funny

  3. o Cleveland
    o Peoria
    o Timbuktu
    o Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
    o Fillmore, Utah
    o Minimalist art
    o Laboratories with lots of glassware and a chalkboard with equations

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