A quick congrats here to my brother-in-law for landing a great economics teaching gig at the University of Kentucky!

Turns out that when you’re interested in microeconomic theory, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics, work your ass off, get a PhD, and generally impress the hell out of everyone in your field, people really want to hire you!

Seriously, the guy is smarter than three of me put together, and that’s even if you dress all of me in lab coats.

Again, a HUGE congratulations! No one deserves it more!

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Brain… Hurting… Must… Sleep…

Hooboy, the past week or so I’ve been buried in IM, PostgreSQL, XML, CSS, CSVs, and various other techie acronyms.

The new site is over the hump construction-wise, and there’s a lot to consider, reconsider and refine. My programmer and I are IMing back and forth a lot, and while it’s invaluable to be looking over each others’ shoulders from a few states away, it does eat a lot of time.

I’m also pretty sure I’m driving my wife insane. I’m obsessive anyway, and you get me in the middle of a web build, and…. KAPLOOEY! I’m a handful.

Anyway, it’s really gonna be exciting to launch the beta in a few days – you won’t believe what we’ve cooked up!

More… later…

Coffee… running… out…

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