Style Over Time

A customer at our favorite cartoon website, bought these two cartoons today:



The first one is a cartoon from early on in my career – about 6 months in.

The second is very recent.

It just floors me how much my style has changed in the last 9 years. Honestly, they look as if they were done by two different artists.

It’s weird to see such a stark contrast in one’s own work, but the old stuff still sells, so who am I to complain!

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3 thoughts on “Style Over Time”

  1. Yeah, when I send out a cartoon submission batch, I'll always try and do a 90% new, 10% "golden oldies" combo. And I have the same problem: my old stuff looks very different to me. But to my clients, it's just another cartoon in the batch. Sometimes the leftovers sell — years later.


  2. Yes styles do change. We have an artist on our site who's been trying a new style, and his sales have soared – never sold better he said. So style can be everything.

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