My “I Want This For My Office” Sense Is Tingling!

Back when I worked my last day gig, some buddies and I would head out to the mall at lunch to escape our unholy ass-clown pig of a boss (double Office Space score!) and cruise the video game, DVD and toy stores while we bitched about the aforementioned management.

One day I ran across this:


That’s right — a FIsherman Spider-man action figure. With tackle box!

Apparently when ol’ Petey wants to sit back and relax, he dons his costume and some similarly-themed accoutrement, and heads out to catch some fish.

I waited for weeks, nay, months, for this “action” figure to go on clearance (I mean it was only a matter of time), but it just disappeared one day, and my long search began.

It’s been over a year, but I finally found a place that’ll sell me one!

Not only that, but they also carry the other “Adventure Hero” webslingers! Including my ironic favorite…


The thing is, the website is based across the pond, and the shipping is kinda steep.

Still, it’s Fisherman Spider-man!

Oh, the turmoil! (Stay tuned…)

UPDATE: I just had a nice textbook sale and that seems like an omen to me (don’t ask how, I can justify anything!) so I’m buying ’em baby!

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5 thoughts on “My “I Want This For My Office” Sense Is Tingling!”

  1. Marky Mark! I'm happy you finally found Spiderman FIsherman! Although, the Bug Catcher is definately a new favorite. Too funny my man!! I will keep my eyes pealed for you too.

  2. WOW! I never thought I would see that ever again. Awesome find brotherman. I will pitch in on the shipping just to end this 2 year search. Congrats.

  3. But … Bug Catcher Spider-Man would be looking to catch his own self. Right? This is all just so very wrong. It's like giving a Krypronite Rock Collection to Superman or something.

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