Reuben on Wry, Please

The NCS had its big Reuben awards this weekend. There’s always a lot of press about Cartoonist of the Year (well, not a lot, but that’s another blog), but, being a gag cartoonist myself, I’m always more excited about the gag category.

And this year I’m excited for New Yorker cartoonist, Robert Weber.

Certainly Sam Gross and Glenn McCoy are no slouches either, but Weber’s style really makes me feel like a fraud, hence, he’s a total badass.

So, since no other blogs will, and because gag cartoonists are usually considered the red-headed step-children of the cartooning community…


4 thoughts on “Reuben on Wry, Please”

  1. Bob Weber's sketchy, loose style is great to see.

    I am fortunate enough to know Bob. He once gave me some good advice: DON'T EDIT YOURSELF. Just bring in whatever you have. Let the editor edit.

  2. That's such good advice! And when I let myself follow it I'm always happy with the end results. Now if I can just turn off that part of my head more often…

  3. This would have been hard for me to judge. I LOVE all three's work!! Good advice you got, Mike! And Mark, why does that part of one's head always have a hard time turning off?! It drives me nuts!!! It's telling me what to do now!!! ARRRRGGGG!!!!

  4. Don't listen, Bob! Some part of my head keeps telling me to burn things and I can't tell you how often that's turned out badly!

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