“War of the Worlds” Graphic Novel Trailer

War of the Worlds Trailer

With Spielberg and Cruise’s War of the Worlds attacking theaters this summer (look forward to lots of shots of people looking), Best Sellers Illustrated is cashing in with a graphic novel based on the Wells classic.

Normally this wouldn’t be news, but the company has produced a ‘trailer’ for the book that is available on its website.

I’m predicting the company will be sued almost immediately upon publication when some nitwit buys it and discovers that “the dern thing don’t talk like it did in-line!”

The fact that it’s also been adapted by Stephen Stern of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol doesn’t fill me with confidence either.

I’ll give ’em credit though, it’s a creative way to get some press and glom onto the movie buzz. Yessiree, that’s some nice glomming!