Up And Running (And Comments Are Back!!!)

OK, well the new version of Movable Type is installed. Now I’ve got a little more work to do and then we’ll be installing some spam stuff.

I’ve also turned comments back on with a few new twists:

If you have a TypeKey (and honestly, why don’t you?! It’s free, even!!!), your comments will appear right away. If not, your posts will go into a queue for moderation and will appear sometime later.

Other than that you shouldn’t really notice any changes. Of course there are a few little bugs here and there, but I’ll be ironing those out soon.

Happy commenting!

2 thoughts on “Up And Running (And Comments Are Back!!!)”

  1. Hi again, Mikey!

    Yeah, I think TypeKey will work out well here. It's really no different than Blogger's system, and it helps keep out some of the spam.

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