Sorry About Last Week

OK, not a scintillating Andertoons Cartoon Blog last week. (There. I said it and I’m glad.)

I dunno why exactly, but it was a crazy week and the blog just wasn’t at the top of my list. Hence two, count ’em, two entries about tech issues with the blog itself, a cheesy Halle Berry/Catwoman thing and only a link to a really interesting editorial cartooning article that I still need to finish.

And there was a ton of good stuff to talk about too! The Ted Rall thing, Boondocks

Anyway, I’m back on track and I should have some good stuff for you this week. Thanks for hanging in there!

(Just a reminder here that commenting is back up and running! Please feel free to blog your mind on anything/everything written. One thing though: If you’ve signed up for your free TypeKey, your comments will be posted immediately. If not, your comments will find their way into my queue for moderation and later posting. It helps with the spam. Happy commenting!)