“Hackles” – Week 4


So we’ve come to this… The end of yet another rejected strip.

Well, looking back, it was a big improvement over Smart Alex. But, to be fair, if I were the syndicate I woulda passed on this one too.

Oh well. Here’s hoping my next strip is as big a leap forward for me.

Here’s the last of them…

(Click on each strip to see the large versions.)

Hackles 19

Hackles 20

Hackles 21

Hackles 22

Hackles 23

Hackles 24

Goodnight sweet strips…

2 thoughts on ““Hackles” – Week 4”

  1. Have you consigned your strip to the sweat dreams file because you see something seriously wrong with the strip? I think the idea of a dog earning the wage and the human staying home and wanting to play is a great and novel idea. I wonder if the syndicates passed on the strip because of vague similarities to other strips: for example, The Duplex features a man and a dog, and perhaps Universal wondered if your strip would be lumped into that category by newspaper editors. I was rejected 13 times before selling Spot, so I clearly don't know what makes a strip work. But as a reader, I know what I like, and I would have been happy reading your strip every day.

    Best of luck with your next submission. I don't think it needs to be better. Just different (though even that isn't necessarily true — you could send in the same strip a year from now, and the syndicate might be looking for a strip that twists the usual pet strip around…)

  2. Oh, I think there's quite a bit of room for improvement still, but I think there's some market forces at work here too.

    I am working on something kind of out there that I'm enjoying very much. I'm taking the approach that I'm just just gonna do what I think is funny, commercial viable or not, and see what happens.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    (BTW, still loving Spot!)

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