PVP’s Syndication Revolution Taking Its Own Sweet Time

OK, so it’s about two or three months now since Scott Kurtz announced his plan to give away PvP to anyone who wanted it and further solidify the inevitable death of syndication, right?


I read Scott’s blog Tuesday, and I gotta tell ya, so far I’m not impressed. Here’s an excerpt:

“So as it stands now:
1)PvP is still in the KC Star when space allows.
2)PvP runs every weekday in the Philly Evening Bulletin
3)PvP is set to make a major magazine announcement in the next couple of days.
4)PvP will be available unedited and “as-is” to anyone who wants it by mid February.”

So that’s two papers and a “major magazine” to be named later? And it’s free?

I really don’t mean to be a prick about this, but for a guy with so much bravado, the results are far from staggering.

And the “as-is” version being available soon – what’s the deal there? Why the ramp-up time to send out unedited product?

I dunno… I can’t say syndication is necessarily my brass ring any more, but Kurtz’ model isn’t knocking my socks off either. Methinks I’ll just keep on keepin’ on here.