Blast From My Cartoon Past – “Smart Alex”

Smart Alex

I was going through some of my hard drive the other day looking for stuff to get rid of and ran across one of my older strip submissions and thought it might be fun to throw them up on the ol’ blog.

The art is pretty amateurish, but some of the writing isn’t too bad. (I especially like the snow globe one.)

Click the strips to check them out!

Smart Alex 1-1

Smart Alex 1-2

Smart Alex 1-3

Smart Alex 1-4

Smart Alex 1-5

Smart Alex 1-6

I got some nice comments back on them, but nothing ever came of it. I did learn a lot about creating a comic strip, though, as you’ll be able to see when I post the next strip a little further down the road.

I’ll put week 2 up soon….