What’s Wrong With Me?!

OK, I don’t quite know what’s going on lately, but I’ve been coming up with some really weird cartoons.

Take this cartoon for example. Maybe I need more red meat in my diet or something. I remember thinking about the phrase “well done” and from there on it’s a mystery. This just popped into my head.

Or how about this one. I was in my office putting away some paperwork (OK, adding it to the pile) and the phrase “you should get that looked at” occurred to me. I know from there I began to think about something that people look at often showing up on someone’s body, but this is just plain odd.

This business cartoon takes the cake though as far as weird goes. I remember thinking bratwurst was a funny word, and then this. It does remind me vaguely of Jack Ziegler’s “Hamburger Madness” cartoon, but not exactly.

I can’t explain it, but to be honest I’m having a lot of fun with just doing strange stuff. I have no idea who, if anyone, might purchase these for publication, but it’s like I always say – sometimes you just gotta do ’em for you.

Hope you enjoy them!