Good News for “Rhymes with Orange”

You may remember an entry last week about Hilary Price’s “Rhymes with Orange” being in danger of losing its spot in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Well, you can rest easy. “Rhymes with Orange” is staying put in the paper, but not without some controversy surrounding the “comics poll” that was to decide the outcome.

Apparently the Plain Dealer had printed phone numbers for readers to call and vote. What was odd, however, was that the number for the competing strip was in a larger font.

The paper also had printed the incorrect phone number for RWO voters who apparently were routed to a random employee’s line. Voters calling the correct number (which had been listed on the Plain Dealer’s website) found constant busy signals which the paper later blamed on a phone system technical problem.

Price notified Editor and Publisher who contacted the paper and pointed out the flawed contest. Elizabeth McIntyre, assistant managing editor/features at The Plain Dealer acknowledged the problems, but said it didn’t really matter as Rhymes with Orange was winning anyway.

Whew! That was a close one! I was beginning to think we were going to be examining hanging chads again!

There’s a great article on it at E&P’s website. Give it a read!

Also, don’t miss reading Hilary Price’s answers to our goofy questions in “Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio”

JibJab’s “Good to Be in DC”

It looks as if the Spiridellis brothers are at it again. Their new animation “Good to Be in DC” is available at and is as funny, if a little more odd and pointed, as their first effort.

Set to what I must assume is the public domain “Dixie,” Kerry and Bush are joined this time by gaggles of politicians, pundits and others from both sides.

It begins with Bush/Cheney and Halliburton, moves to Kerry/Edwards in bed, and then all hilarity breaks loose with appearances by Dan Rather, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton (“What’d I do?!”) and more.

In addition to the normal t-shirts and mugs, you can also buy both “Good to Be in DC” and “This Land” on DVD now.

I gotta say, both animations are a hoot, but I gotta wonder where the JibJab guys go after the election? Will they be able to find more quality fodder post Bush/Kerry?

Anyway, check it out!