JibJab’s “Good to Be in DC”

It looks as if the Spiridellis brothers are at it again. Their new animation “Good to Be in DC” is available at JibJab.com and is as funny, if a little more odd and pointed, as their first effort.

Set to what I must assume is the public domain “Dixie,” Kerry and Bush are joined this time by gaggles of politicians, pundits and others from both sides.

It begins with Bush/Cheney and Halliburton, moves to Kerry/Edwards in bed, and then all hilarity breaks loose with appearances by Dan Rather, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton (“What’d I do?!”) and more.

In addition to the normal t-shirts and mugs, you can also buy both “Good to Be in DC” and “This Land” on DVD now.

I gotta say, both animations are a hoot, but I gotta wonder where the JibJab guys go after the election? Will they be able to find more quality fodder post Bush/Kerry?

Anyway, check it out!